Pop & pet culture in tattoos

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knows tattoos.  

He's up the ongoing evolution of tattoos and how pets are finding their way into the art form and are an extension of the counterculture.

Shane Turgeon has detailed the emergence of Star Wars and other geeky tattoos with two coffee table books:


Both are hardcover, full-color, coffee table books with 300+ pages of more than 1000 photos telling the individual stories of different Star Wars tattoo collectors and artists from all over the globe.

The books are an extension of Shane's passion for tattoos and pop culture, which he inspired him to start the tattoo art website www.tattoosandtoys.com in 2002. This led to Shane working with Lucasfilm’s Celebration conventions to lead discussion panels on various Star Wars collecting subjects.

In 2003, he founded the Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show (ECTCS), which was one of Western Canada’s largest pop culture collectible events. Partnering with the director of the Calgary Expo, Shane co-founded the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo in 2012. 

Shane also owns a collectibles shop and tattoo shop, Shades of Grey.