The Quran + Companion Animals

Featured on Episode 10


Dr. Ayoub M. Banderker, a Cape Town, South Africa-based Veterinary Surgeon teaches and writes extensively about the animal welfare in relation to Islam.

You can read his article Animal Abuse and Welfare in Islam on the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' site, Islamic Concern. 

In it, he debunks several of the persisting myths about animals and the Muslim faith, including:

  1. The Qu’ran does NOT forbid the ownership of a dog, although it's not considered hygienic to allow a dog into the home. 

  2. The Qu’ran does NOT prohibit the touching of a dog or any animal. If the dog's saliva does come into contact with you or your clothing make sure to wash place it touched.

  3. If a Muslim owns an animal, regardless if it is for agriculture or work or as a pet, the animal must be given proper shelter, food, water and veterinary care for their animals.


If you have any questions about animal welfare in relation to Islam, please let me know and I will put you in touch with Dr. Ayoub M. Banderker. Just send me an email at: