The Animals of Mike O'Neill Albums

Featured on Episode 3


Mike O'Neill


a cat 




Wild Lines 

album cover.

It wasn't the first release the musician choose to have animals on - it goes as far back as the early nineties. 

It started in Kingston, Ontario, Canada back in 1992. That's where Mike met drummer Dave Ullrich, while attending Queen's University. They started a band called The Inbreds. Mike performed lead vocals and played bass in the duo.

Mike put out his first solo album in 2000 after The Inbreds broke up in 1998. He kept up with having animal cover models.

Then came the Fruitjack album cover.
Here's the original photo and the second photo that was taken of Mike and the cat.

Listen to a cut from the album below.

Listen to the latest work by Mike - it's with the band tuns

RIP Fruitjack

He passed away since this interview was recorded.