The Animals on Mike O'Neill Albums

Featured on Episode 2

Mike O'Neill has been featuring animals on his album covers as far back as the early nineties. His choice to put the dogs, cats, owl and birds on releases is explored on Episode 2.

Hilario album art
Kombinator album art

It started in Kingston, Ontario, Canada back in 1992. That's where Mike met drummer Dave Ullrich, while attending Queen's University. They started a band called The Inbreds. Mike performed lead vocals and played bass in the duo.


heir very first album was Hilario. The debut full-length album had cat and dog figurines gracing the cover.

Ostriches were on the album art for the band's sophomore release, Kombinator.

Mike put out his first solo album in 2000 after The Inbreds broke up in 1998. He kept up with having animal cover models.

He created the art for the debut solo release What Happens Now? which featured colourful birds.


Next was The Owl in 2004, which featured (of course) an owl.

And his most recent effort, Wild Lines from 2012, Mike is joined by a cat named Fruitjack, on the front cover.

See the original photo and the second photo that was taken of the pair, they're below.

Also you can listen to a cut from the album below.