Lil M News

Featured on Episode 28

The little stray cat starring in the August episode has been on quite the journey:

July 31

  • Picked-up by postie, Natasha (and given name Lil M - in honour of her cat, Milosh, who this little kitty looks a heckuvalot like)
  • Driven to Animal Control by our producer/host, Sarah
  • Animal Control checks him for a microchip and feeds him 

August 2

  • Animal Control ensures no one has registered Lil M as missing
  • Phone call to Sarah by Animal Control notifying that Lil M will be transferred to the Edmonton Humane Society to get vetted and neutered.

    *If all goes well, he'll be healthy and available for adoption in the coming weeks


August 4

  • Lil M is transferred to the local animal rescue non-profit organization Little Cats Lost because the Edmonton Humane Society is full of animals.  


August 7

  • Lil M was officially adopted by Natasha!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!
  • He's been named Gitanes with the nickname Gizmo! 
  • Now he's getting integrated into his new home and slowly being introduced to his fur-brother and resident cat, Milosh.

August 31

  • Gizmo and the resident cat at Natasha's just couldn't get along. Their personalities weren't a good match (and by not good, we mean really, really bad). Natasha kept trying to integrate them but neither of them would have it. SAD FACE!
  • Little Cats Lost have taken The Giz into their care
  • He's available for adoption at Mr. Pet's in St. Albert.
    Whoever adopts him will be able to hear his full journey