Featured on Episode 11

Gonzo, was the cat that no one wanted.

The six-year-old, 22 lbs. black cat had given up on finding a home. She'd been returned to the Vancouver SPCA three times.

When potential adopters would visit her at the animal shelter, Gonzo swatted and hissed at them.

It was because Gonzo was overlooked and unwanted, for nearly a year, that Ronnie Lee Hill knew that cat was for her. Gonzo tried to push Ronnie away with bites and nail scratches.

It took a year but Ronnie proved that she wasn't going anywhere and would love Gonzo no matter what.

Then Gonzo got diabetes, due to her weight. Again, Ronnie wouldn't give up on Gonzo.

Hear how Ronnie stuck by her cat, on the Season 2 premiere.