Cat Music Research

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 Charles Snowdon [Image: University of Wisconsin-Madison]

Charles Snowdon
[Image: University of Wisconsin-Madison]

It all started with monkeys!

For Charles Snowdon it began in 1969, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he was studying the squirrel-sized tamarin monkey. He was investigating their vocal and chemical communication signals as well as their social development and cognition.

In 2009, he teamed up with a cellist from the National Symphony Orchestra, David Teie to craft music for the monkeys. The pair identified the vocalizations made by the mammals and composed music that mirrored it. Read about their tamarin music project in this Washington Post article.

From there, Snowdon and Teie started composing music for cats. They used the same technique as they did when developing the monkey music. They began by identifying how felines communicate and what frequencies they are able to hear.  The result is music for cats. Read more about their research and purchase/download the music online.