Pet/human bond research

Featured on Episode 6

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Dr. Connie Varnhagen knows how important companion animals are.

She's got the research to back it up.

As a psychology professor, she and her Research on the Human Animal Bond students have designed studies to understand the impact our pets have on our well being.

The fourth year seminar/lab is for University of Alberta students in the Companion and Performance Animal Health Sciences major in the Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Nutritional Sciences.

One of the studies included a survey on bondedness, here is the questionnaire they developed. The research found lower-income people are more bonded to their animals than wealthy pet owners. 

Dr. Varnhagen says it showed:

"People who are low-income, disabled, or on social assistance, they're more highly bonded then people who are able to pay for the vet by themselves."