EPISODE 2 / Your pet hates your music

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You leave the radio on for your pet, before you leave the apartment - but do the dog and cat wish you didn't?

We find out from Charles Snowdon, a professor of Psychology and Zoology at University of Wisconsin–Madison, and a Veterinarian, Dr. Elaine Degrandpre; all during a visit with musician Amy van Keeken and her dogs, Nabby and Daisy.

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SEE + HEAR MORE > Check out photos of the pups and the various music stylings of AvK

LEARN MORE > Dr. Charles Snowdon's work investigates the music tastes of animals

HEARING TEST > Give your ears a pop quiz of sound, to find out all you can hear

EPISODE ONE / Designing for the good of pets

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Cheap and cute don’t cut it for pet toys anymore.

We find out how and why good design and quality ingredients are getting integrated into pet accessories and food, from Fox & Tux Pet Boutique's Naomi McFee and Rescue Strong apparel designer, CJ Miyak.

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LEARN MORE > The company committed to helping animal rescues with quality designs and products

LEARN MORE > Meet the owner of Fox & Tux Pet Boutique

Find out about the process and how the look was developed



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