Episode 29 / Advice from your boyfriend's dog

E29 Pet Sounds.jpg

New Yorker contributor and filmmaker, Susanna Fogel imagines what advice a dog has to offer, in her debut novel, Nuclear Family: A Tragicomic Novel in Letters. The reader gets to know the central character, Julie, through a series of notes from the people, inanimate objects and creatures who populate her life - including Morrissey, the bloodhound belonging to her boyfriend. 

Episode 28 / Little Kitty on the Town

Letter carrier, Natasha (who we met on Episode 26), sings songs to the cats she meets on her mail route. But one little kitty needed more than that and Natasha felt compelled to try to help. 

Read updates on the little stray kitty


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Episode 24 / Art with a side of Pickle

A little french bulldog named Pickle is helping people understand, appreciate and access visual art. It's with her long-running Instagram account and website, Art Blog Dog Blog. We hear from her owner and private art advisor, Katie Ward about how this little dog is impacting the art world.

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Episode 23 / Not Just a Dog

A companion animal's death can prompt very real grief in their owner. Andrea Beca knows—she shares how she's working through it. A pet bereavement specialist with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Heather Mueller, explains why grieving a pet demands its own distinct process.

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Episode 21 / Start 'Em Young


Learning how to take care of a pet isn't always taught or taught well — Erica Callais Falbaum hopes to change that with her Pet Education Project (PEP). We find out why programs like PEP are important to engage children with animal care, from Animals & Society Institute's Lisa Lunghofer.  


Episode 18 / Sweeping It under the Carpet

Dust bunnies, tufts, tumble weeds of fur, clumps and balls of shed pet hair. What may be the worst part about having a companion animal may also be the best, according to writer Richard Kelly Kemick. He details it in his essay Sweeping It under the Carpet published in The Walrus magazine.

Read + see more about Richard and his dogs here.

Episode 15 / Adopting Adoption Stories

Personalized stories are often used by animal rescues to promote adoptable dogs and cats --- but it hasn't always been that way. We'll trace the emergence of the adoption story with the help of university professor, Susan Hamilton who leads us back through the history of dog shelters.

Episode 14 / Cats & Dogs & Islam

 Image by İbrahim Düzkalem

Image by İbrahim Düzkalem

There are many misconceptions about Islam, including its teachings about companion animals. Veterinarian Dr. Ayoub M. Banderker debunks these false ideas while journalist (& author of Amazing Cats) Omar Mouallem reflects on growing up Muslim and how that informs his relationship with pets.