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A podcast about you + your pet.

The monthly podcast explores our relationship with the creatures who beg for our food, hog our beds and witness our gross habits: pets. From the unconventional vantage point of the furred, feathered and scaled, each episode investigates pet culture and what it reflects about us.

Pet Sounds is written, produced and hosted by Sarah Hoyles.

Sarah has been working in radio for nearly a decade. She has spent that time at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) where she was a radio producer, contributor and reporter on such shows as Definitely Not The Opera, CBC Radio 3 and regional current affairs programming in Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick. She also produced and hosted a range of programs at the Alberta-wide public radio network, CKUA.

Sarah produces podcasts, content and communications for a variety of clients, including the Edmonton Heritage Council, Arete HR Inc., Volleyball Alberta and Walkable Edmonton.

Sarah shares her life with three pets. Millie and Theo, the cats. And Emmah, the dog.